Lena & Lina has been able to harness the power of Japanese R&D to introduce the Lena & Lina skin care line made with the world’s first to market clinically tested natural human-type ceramide, extracted from this centuries-old Japanese soy sauce fermentation process safely and effectively. Ceramide loss accounts for a major contributor of dry skin, fine lines, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. So having the ability to utilize this human-type ceramide infuses skin naturally with an extra layer of hydration and offers numerous benefits for the skin from barrier repair and cell regulation, to protecting skin and preventing moisture loss, improving skin texture, renewing and rebuilding skin, as well as restoring aging skin and reducing roughness and dryness. About Lena & Lina Skincare, World’s First Natural Human-Type Ceramide, Affordable luxury in skin care, Asian influenced skin care products, first line of defense in skin care, Healthy skin is everyone’s right, Dewy skin, Hydration, Youthful skin, All day skin crème, Hydration, Age Transcending, Brightening, Effective, Affordable Skincare & Beauty Products, skincare from fermentation, skincare from koji acid,